An easy-to-use and comprehensive wellness hub that drives lifestyle behavior change. Reduce health risk related costs and increase productivity while empowering employees with one convenient suite of tools and resources to help them reach their wellness goals. The platform is fully integrated, easy to use and provides seamless integration for all employees to assess, track and improve their health scores.


corporate wellness asiaBiometrics:

Our health screening options enable employees to gain valuable insight into their current health status. Test results are integrated with the platform to provide a seamless experience that helps employees interpret their lab results and take actionable steps toward behavior change.

Your organisations current biometrics can also be implemented into our corporate wellness platform.

corporate wellness asiaHealth Risk Assessments

A state-of-the-art health risk assessment that provides members with personalized reporting and actionable recommendations to improve overall health.. Our assessment provides easy-to-understand interpretation of results and meaningful insights designed to empower individuals to make informed decisions. Employers are empowered with aggregate population analysis to understand the health of their populations in a measurable capacity.

corporate wellness asiaRewards and incentives Tracking:

Maintaining consistent behavior is vital to staying energized and engaged. With our Champion Rewards™ Tracker, tracking health behaviors is fast and simple. Whether it’s from home, work, or on the go, our members can monitor their nutrition and physical activity, set and achieve goals, complete wellness challenges, and more from one convenient location using the rewards system.

Employees can access personalized reporting to help them monitor and reach their goals. Real-time dashboards allow employees to instantly track completed activities, challenges or biometric milestones needed to achieve company offered rewards.

corporate wellness asiaMobile App & Social Media

Keeping your busy employees engaged in the Fitcorp wellness program has never been easier with the free Well Nation App for iPhone and Android. Members have complete access to all the tools, resources and dashboards offered in the Employee Hub on their smartphone or tablet. Track nutrition, participate in a challenge, review goals or sync your personal fitness device to record your physical activity from wherever you are.

corporate wellness asiaEmployer Wellness Platform

Our convenient employer portal enabling easy real-time program monitoring and access to helpful tools and resources. Keep your employees healthy, happy and productive with minimal administration and easy incentive management resource center.

Employers can access full real-time reporting, participation takeup, current trends and year to year reports corporate wellness programs, initiatives and success.

corporate wellness asiaWellness Resources

Our Employer portal provides an abundance of helpful tools and resources for managing your wellness program. The easy to use tools include step by step program guides, communication and promotional templates, pre-designed challenges and more. Our proven processes and tools help minimize time spent on administrative tasks while maximizing employee participation and engagement.

corporate wellness asiaProgram and management monitoring

Employers and program administrators are supplied with ample reporting tools to effectively monitor employee participation and progress within the program. Employer dashboards provide real-time updates on the use and completion of health risk assessment, biometric collection, health coaching and incentive achievement.

The real-time information allows program administrators to tailor their communication strategy to drive greater participation in these core processes.

The Employer portal also includes detailed aggregate reporting on the employee population to help identify at-risk behaviors and biometric levels and clear action steps to meet the specific needs of your organization.