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Fitcorp Wellness

Fitcorp Wellness

Fitcorp Wellness develops and creates unique employee wellness programs and corporate strategies to enhance the performance of organisations. Consulting companies to develop effective and engaged employees, wellness committees and develop strategic short and long term programs that generate real returns on investment.

From low cost general plans, through to long term targeted wellness initiatives based on awareness, education, ergonomics, employee engagement programs and energy management to develop an empowering force within your organisation and maximize employee and management participation and success.
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A strategic partner of the Asian Corporate Wellness Association (ACWA), Fitcorp Wellness aligns itself with the world’s leading corporate health and workplace organisations including WELCOA – America’s pioneering corporate wellness association.

Lifestyle Health Retreats (LHR)

Lifestyle Health Retreats (LHR) operates educational and result oriented fitness, weight loss and wellness retreats in stunning destinations around the world. Coaching, strategy planning and program development through science, experience and success.

Lifestyle Health Retreats has developed a completely unique education program to target the world’s biggest issues – primarily obesity, Diabetes which are all lifestyle related, and in the case of Type II Diabetes, completely management and reversible. With our medical advisory board, including Naturapathic professionals, nutritionists and Endocrinologists, LHR programs are scientifically supported along with the essential psychology of behavior change to not just achieve results during each retreat, also post retreat for long term accountability and results.



Golf Fitness Institute (GFI)

Golf Fitness Institute is enhancing the performance of golfers through an educational and science driven platform of programming, energy management and golf specific programs. GFI works with individuals, beginners, amateurs and professionals as we all entire golfing teams and associations to education on enhancing golf performance through bio mechanics, psychology and results based strategies.

GFI offers private and group training as well as 1 and 2 day courses and certification programs for fitness trainers looking to tap into the golf specific market and golf instructors seeking ways to enhance the performance of their students and increase their knowledge of golf specific performance enhancement.

Golf Specific courses, seminars and certifications include topics such as golf specific screening and testing, program design for in season and preseason, injury prevention, injury rehabilitation, the mechanics behind swing faults and how to fix them, nutrition and energy management, psychology of golf performance, developing routines and habits, how to become the ultimate golf athlete


Aspire is the leading facility based on achieving outstanding results, leading trainers and fitness coaches based on aspirations – Aspire identifies the true deeper motivations towards success and goal achievement through movement, energy management and lifestyle strategies. A strong community of like minded, success driven individuals who all identify a single need to be successful.


Aspire has created a very unique system through personal training, physiotherapy and injury rehabilitation, nutrition coaching, youth fitness programs, golf specific training, educational seminars and workshops and detailed monthly programs for specific needs of clients and members. The system has been created based on years of experience, and what has proven to achieve better results through systems of progression, accountability, testing, goal setting, consistent evaluations and coaching sessions tied with long term lifestyle audits, community and lifestyle change. Unique to Aspire, and some of the highest international standards in the world.

Youth Performance Institute (YPI)

The Youth Performance Institute educates coaches, PE teachers and educators on effective youth fitness and young athlete performance programming. YPI also conducts result oriented movement and conditioning programs withing international schools around the region.

YPI offers an online education platform for online learning and certification in specific performance related areas of youth fitness and education including nutrition, sport specific programming and communication.


Bangkok Bootcamp

Bangkok Bootcamp

Bangkok Bootcamp is the first and still remaining professionally run outdoor fitness program in Thailand. Bangkok Bootcamp ensures all foreign trainers are 100% trained, certified and legal with essential work permits. All coaches are certified internationally through the leading outdoor fitness education provider, Bootcamp Alliance. We also conduct the Outdoor Fitness Trainer Certification through ASPATA.

Fitcorp Franchise

Fitcorp Franchise is a whitelabel health club and personal training concept that helps fitness studios and small health clubs offer unique, differentiated and specific training systems, operating systems and business marketing solutions. The Fitcorp business success system has been developed over more than 10 years of experience in challenging markets.

These systems are based on programming, trainer education, building a community, client and member attraction / retention, results, lifestyle change and the psychology of success.

Fitcorp Franchise


ASPATA is dedicated to improving, educating, and standardizing the fitness industry as a whole. If there is one thing that is well known in the fitness industry globally, is that there is very little standardization among “fitness & wellness professionals”. ASPATA has set out to be a guiding force to change the wellness and fitness education industry throughout Asia.

ASPATA is focused on bringing real, tangible, honest and useful fitness and health education to the Asian community. We have created a dynamic fitness and wellness academy by collecting a team of the highest levels of professional instructors and practical trainers that delivers the most advanced training courses available to develop the fitness professionals of the future.