June 3rd, 2020


Strategic Workplace wellness Success

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Empowering Teams, Engagement and Performance

About the Certification Course

Corporate wellness certification programs are courses that educate HR personnel, business leaders and other worksite wellness managers about the best practices of running a successful wellness program. In a typical certification course, you can expect to learn how to structure wellness programming, how to make sure it has long-term success, improves participants’ health and produces ROI.

The corporate wellness standards are random and fragmented. With many questioning effectiveness. The simple answer to this, is the current model must be customized, measurable and well planned.

The course includes specific modules The certification requires we will be sharing the keys to leadership success.


- Learn global best-practices from the corporations leading the way in wellness.

- Develop the knoweldge to design and implement programs for well-being, engagement, and corporate culture development.

- Drive your talent to boost productivity, reduce costs, increase morale and retention.

- Differentiate your skill set and positioning as a true HR Engagement Specialists for future career growth.

- Lead your industry and redefining the workplace culture and performance beyond traditional HR practices.

Effective Companies thrive with energized, engaged employees who perform within a culture of health & well-being.

Transforming Your Teams wellness and Energy to Perform

The future of work is determined by the culture. A culture that supports and encourages a focus on wellness, productivity, energy management and mental well-being.

HR is not expected to be experts in health and well-being. This certification gives knowledge, understanding and specific strategy to create and implement effective wellness programs that meet the needs and budget of the organisation.

Facilitators for the Event


Group CEO
Fitcorp Global

Corporate Wellness Strategist

Daniel has been a pioneer of Corporate Wellness, engagement and team performance since 2002. He consults with organisations to optimize their people performance and culture through wellness, mental health and productivity.

Corporate Wellness Certification


Delivered Online for a Global Audience
4 Week Course with weekly group coaching
Ideal for HR Professionals and Business Leaders


- What is Corporate Wellness?
- Wellness Myths And Solutions
- How to Conduct a Needs & Interests Survey
- How to Maximize Participation
- Low Cost And Zero Cost Initiatives
- Strategic Wellness Planning
- Building Your Case For Management
- How to Generate And Measure ROI

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