Team building activities do not always need to make your employees uncomfortable. These activities are meant to foster communication, planning, and comradery. Now that the rainy season is upon us, the following are 3 quick and easy team building activities that can be conducted indoors. They can easily be done during lunch. So buy food and gather your team together for a fun team building day.

The story telling activity

Communication is one of the most important activities in your organization. There are many team building games and activities that foster listening and communication. Here is one that is quick and easy.

Form teams of 3 people. Each person will take 2-3 minutes to tell a story. When finished, one of the others will re-tell the story. No one is allowed to interrupt the story teller. When finished, the others will rate the story teller on accuracy. Repeat until everyone has told a story and retold someone else’s story.

The little known fact game

This activity works well with employees who are not familiar with each other, such as when assembling a new team or merging departments. This activity can also be conducted with employees who are already known to each other. You will be surprised what you will find out about someone that you have worked with for months or years.

Everyone writes down their name and one thing that they believe most people do not know about them. All the pieces of paper are collected and everyone take someone else’s paper and reads it out loud to everyone. Ask both people to stand. This is an easy stress free way for your team to get to know each other and build comradery.

The trip planner

This activity is a great way to build teamwork, promote listening and delegation skills, and will help you identify leaders and followers.

Ask your team to form groups of 3-4 people. Each team must come up with a detailed plan, including mode of transportation, hotel, activities, and food. Give everyone the same budget, timeline, and certain goals and activities to accomplish. An example could be to plan a trip to a neighboring province, organize a tour of a local factory/office building, provide for food and entertainment, arrange hotel rooms for everyone, and arrange the return trip. You will quickly see who takes control and delegate, and who is more comfortable organizing and facilitating, and who is good at big ideas.


Team building can be fun and interesting for your employees and you. Make it fun and easy.


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