The Business Athlete

In today’s businesses there is increased pressure to improve individual and organisational performance.

Business Athlete is a methodology where performance principles used in elite sport are translated and used to accelerate performance in the business context.

We create and deliver programmes where business leaders, teams and organisations can maximise business performance, fulfil more of their potential and win in business without losing in life.

Consider for a moment the level of attention and detail that goes into developing a talented athlete.

Imagine a business leader or executive team receiving the same kind of attention that an athlete does – but tailored instead to their own professional and personal needs in the business and personal context.

And imagine if that business leader or executive was coached to coach themselves, so they could translate principles and practices from elite sport and apply them self-dependently, over the long term and in their own context, to fulfil more of their potential.

The Business Athlete values and beliefs:

The development of the individual and the team is the central focus of success.

Prioritize individual needs that transfer to the organisation for mutual benefit

Growth takes place out of the comfort zone. A strategic approach to stretch goals, progress and celebrating wins is crucial for individual and team success.

Awareness is the start point for enhancement and increasing performance capacity

Human potential is limitless and requires specific proven strategies to harness.

Scientific,  evidence-based research from  other industries fields of excellence can be  modelled and applied effectively in the business world

The ability to manage energy, focus and clarity fuel success: Engagement, productivity, resilience through impact, purpose, self leadership empowers change.

Formats Available:

Executive Coaching

Self Leadership

2 Days to 12 Months