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Fitcorp’s success in helping companies develop short and long term integrated strategic wellness programs is based on the fundamentals of our 8 pillars of success. These fundamental pillars form the foundation of all our programs to create the most effective, strategic and economical wellness programs that generate solid financial returns and an improved, more energised corporate culture.

We look beyond the programs of corporate wellness. Majority of programs are individual components which lack cohesion and synergy for long-term integration to enhance the corporate culture. Corporate policy, vision, management and participation of company leaders is essential to establish a shift in corporate culture, rather than seeing wellness as an external program slotted into the company.

Corporate Wellness Consultancy

At the top level, strategic planning is crucial prior to the development or implementation of any plan. With our 15 years of experience developing programs in the region for fortune 500 companies and SME’s, we understand the needs of employees and companies at the local cultural level. Creating synergy between finance and human resources department to identify specific needs.

Effective strategy at the higher level is essential to implement an effective long-term plan. In addition to the plan itself, it is crucial to develop a solid marketing and communication strategy to support any initiative. While making the program seamless, synergistic and progressive.

During this phase, our corporate wellness consultants evaluate any current plans and programs to improve and reallocate existing costs to generate greater returns on investment.

Fitcorp Corporate Wellness Platform

Fitcorp Wellness offers corporate wellness programs that help people develop and sustain healthy behavior and well-being for life. We are dedicated to helping businesses create healthier and happier workplaces while improving employee lives, increasing productivity and combating rising healthcare costs.

Our platform is built on over a decade of successful program design and execution. Our team is committed to providing value for our clients, ensuring integrity and transparency, and continual innovation. The platform has the power to reduce health risk related costs, improve productivity, presenteeism and absenteeism while keeping employers well connected to the health of their employees.

We work closely with you to assess your needs and understand your vision and goals, which enables us to deliver the most effective wellness solution for your organization. We are focused on keeping your employees well, which in turn directly increases your profitability.

We provide valuable insight into your employee health risk factors, making successful program execution and positive ROI a reality.

We build relationships with organizations and individuals that:

Our wellness program can accommodate every size group, from ten to ten thousand and beyond. Fitcorp supports wellness program objectives – from basic participation based wellness programs to results-based, health outcome driven programs to track and empower solid returns on investment.

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