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Wellness Certification

Corporate wellness certification programs are designed to educate HR personnel, business leaders and other managers about the best practices of running a successful wellness program. In the certification course, you will learn how to structure wellness programming, survey effectively, how to build long-term success, improve employees engagement, health, manage stress, improve morale and productivity while producing  measurable ROI’s that drive corporate performance.

Proven Empowering Outcomes

Fitcorp Global specializes in results driven performance and success programs for individuals, leaders and companies.

The group of companies under the Fitcorp Global Group have all be created based on result driven needs to increase energy, performance and success through productivity, purpose, energy management, mindset and mental acuity to shift behaviours, influence and impact. 

"Daniel delivers a unique highly energized yet practical concept of performance that is easy to understand and apply to all levels of the organisation. We decided to work with Dan long term to deliver specific top level leadership training focused on resilience, energy management and 'self leadership'. Highly recommended."
Jeff Cohen
CFO, Citibank
"We have been working with Daniel and his team at Fitcorp to empower our leaders and teams. They helped develop a strategy to increase engagement and energy. We have never experienced such a powerful impact on our teams in such a short amount of time. The culture shift, focus and productivity is clear. Daniel's key note events are powerful, influential and awesome!"
Wiyada Srinanaganad
Country Leader, 3M

+1000 Clients

Since 2002, Fitcorp Global has been pioneering the health and fitness landscape through unique, science based programs and strategic planning to change behaviors, inspire clients towards an active lifestyle and energy management to drive a positive mindset that influences all areas of success.

All programs have been developed through experience and proven models of education to change the way we live, work and prioritize for maximal results.

How We Help You Evolve

World leading executive coaches, trainers and business consultants and advisory professionals, add credibility to the expertise and vision of the company. Each and every professional in the Fitcorp Global team brings with them the expertise, education and passion to empower change, evolution of self and achieve results.

The outcomes of our clients are based on true transformation. Systems and strategies developed and applied by the most successful teams, executives, athletes and companies to fuel high performance teams. The success of teams is based on ‘self leadership’, engagement and high performance living.  




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