Transformational Mindsets for Sales Teams

Transformational mindset of sales teams has been shown to be the number one factor to increase exponential sales growth and organisational success.

In this article, we will share what we’ve learned from our extensive research, surveys, and working with many sales teams to optimize their performance, even during Covid-19.

We have been conducting surveys gathering insights from leaders on their challenges and one of the results we have received and would like to share is about sales.

There is so much quality information as well as great insights in the survey which I believe is truly relevant for many of you regardless of the industry you are in.

When we talk about sales topics, the common issues are varied starting from having set sales targets, mindset of sales representatives, building rapport with prospects, making assumptions and missing the opportunity to really sell your products and getting ROI or even unmotivated performance for the role itself. 

As we know that Sales is probably the most important role in a company. Why? Because sales drive revenue and if we do not have sales and hit the set target, then it affects everything and every position in the company. With all of these effects, the sales team is the one that needs to be strong enough in terms of having the right attitude, understanding of the scope of your role, knowing what clients need is clear, and training to listen instead of making assumptions, having objectives and goals that align with the organization so that the plans can be executed effectively. 

Imagine having a great team with motivation and drive to strive to achieve targets every month, brainstorming crazy ideas and believing in their potential, that would be super great, wouldn’t it? 

But the question to that is: have you given them tools so that they can learn and improve to be their best self? Have you given them knowledge to leverage the deal and make a decision? Have you given them skills to be able to perform at their best? Or that psychological safety where the  team believes that they are safe for interpersonal risk taking and feeling accepted and respected. 

If you have that implemented already, awesome. Keep up the great work and create an outstanding team and culture in the organization. If not, this is about time to do so. 

We are having a public and non-public event on transformational mindsets for the sales team, if this is something of your interests, click below for more information.


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