Fitcorp Global specializes in results driven health, performance and success programs for individuals and companies.


The group of companies under the Fitcorp Global Group have all be created based on result driven needs to increase energy, performance and success through movement, nutrition, mindset training and behavior change.

Since 2002, Fitcorp Global has been pioneering the health and fitness landscape through unique, science based programs and strategic planning to change behaviors, inspire clients towards an active lifestyle and energy management to drive a positive mindset that influences all areas of success.


All programs have been developed through experience and proven models of education to change the way we live, work and prioritize for maximal results.

A team of some the world’s leading coaches and health professionals, a medical advisory team to add even further credibility to the expertise and vision of the company. Each and every professional in the Fitcorp Global team brings with them the expertise, education and passion to help others achieve results.


The team comprises of health and fitness professionals, wellness experts, nutritionists, lifestyle coaches, physiotherapists and ergonomic specialists with an amazing amount of energy, qualifications and a vision to inspire the world to wellness and overall success.