What if your organization could cut 15 % or more in energy costs without making large capital investments. Thriving in today’s economy is challenging and so many organizations are trying to cut costs, including energy costs to stay competitive and be more profitable.

Unfortunately, most companies only realize a small percentage of the total energy that can be saved. Why? Sometimes it’s a lack of commitment or not enough resources and funding or too many competing priorities and the list goes on but taking a step back.

Most of these issues point towards a common cause, the lack of a well-structured integrated strategic energy plan. We’ve realized that for companies to achieve significant energy and cost savings, they need to manage energy, just like other operational costs to help companies do this.

We’ve started facilitating strategic energy management. Strategic energy management provides organizations with a comprehensive approach to energy management practices. It starts with gaining commitment from senior management and building a dedicated energy team drawing from all levels of the organization.

Your team will engage in facilitated strategic management, training and workshops, energy assessments, energy mapping, energy monitoring, targeting and reporting employee engagement activities and developing a strategic energy management plan.

Basically, it’s the foundation. Your company needs to achieve persistent energy and cost savings over the long term. Instead of just individual projects, energy efficiency will become an integral part of your day-to-day business and that’s.

How you achieve savings of 15 %, 20 % or more and beyond saving money. Reducing energy use also makes companies more resilient, empowers employees to be more productive and helps organizations fully integrate sustainability goals.

Make energy efficiency part of your business strategy!


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