Disruption is about change and the only constant in life is change. Whether it’s about organizational culture, digital disruption, disruption can be about anything.


Most organizations are concerned about being disrupted when the digital world is growing very fast. They can be overwhelmed and unprepared or do not know how to actually deal with it. Little did we know, this kind of disruption has been happening gradually for years but not everyone is aware of that until recently.

We had gathered a survey back in the end of 2019 to see the opinion of HR experts on what would be the challenge in 2020 and 44% was about digital disruption. This is a pretty big number and not many organizations have a plan or strategy in place nor be ready to implement and adapt accordingly. It’s also believed to be fear, hesitation, or not knowing where to start because they have not really found the pain point, the key, the problem so that they can seek for solutions.


First thing first is actually to identify what the problems or pain points are and remember this is not about HR only. This is where you assemble and listen to employees’ opinions. We believe in getting involved, being able to share and that’s one of many ways of being resourceful to find the best solution to specific problems. 


Digital disruption is about many things. You want to make sure to analyze weaknesses and start with the one that is more important and relevant to the organization or one that is resolvable and allow us to see changes and impacts even if the outcome is small, it’s still a way to go. Once you and your team can see these changes, it will automatically lead to the next one. 


However, we also talk about consistency here. We all know that consistency keeps us on track to achieve bigger goals and effective succession. More importantly, it can enormously create a change within an organization as well as reflect self-improvement which leads to a better productivity, better team and better outcome.


Author: Alice Ramarsa


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