3 Ways to Optimize Performance and Collaboration Between Generations in 2020

As the world continues growing in populations from baby boomers to Gen X, welcoming Gen Y aka Millennials to Gen Z and the latest born, Alpha. Who will soon become adults and get involved to make their impact in the world.


If you happen to become the first generation, you have probably seen the changes in culture, behavior, trends and the digital world growing faster than you ever realized. Technology is  becoming such a big part in our lives in so many ways. 


Having different generations working together is always a challenge. There are so many aspects of problems occurring but the questions often asked are always about how do you actually get them to work together smoothly, effectively and efficiently.


Here are three things you need to know:

1. Process of Recruitment: Make sure they have EQ!

This is the very first step and to recruit people to join the existing team has never been easier. To recruit a dream team member, apart from their capability and specific skill set for the special role, IQ is important but  EQ is even more  essential.  


To make sure they have the certain abilities to solve problems, understanding behaviours, emotions, situations and specific circumstances they are in. Also it’s about dealing with people of different ages, backgrounds and perspectives of life within your team, among colleges and finding the best solutions, not just making choices based on negative or emotions irresponsibly.


2. Being Open Minded is Crucial and Never Be Afraid of Losing Face

There are many benefits just from being open-minded. It helps individuals to let go and see other perspectives of the situation. You will have a better chance of understanding circumstances better and also to be able to learn to accept and adapt to changes. As one said, the only constant is change.


In our generation, there are many times that youngsters want to express their thoughts or feelings. As their leader, manager or mentor, you will have to be open to listen, and process their ideas. You can share experiences, case studies while younger people listen, take into consideration and come together in the middle to compromise to find best solutions, plans or strategies.  It’s the only way to help individuals and organizations to go above and beyond.


Forget about losing face which you can still find in some organizations even today. Remember, just think that you are learning new things from new people everyday which can help your personal growth.


3.  Communications

Communication is the key to success. We are different people and have different ways of communicating – especially with different generations. It can be very challenging with poor communication. 


What you can do is to build rapport, find some common ground of interests and then you can know them slightly better and get to observe their behaviors. What they like or don’t like, ways of speaking, words and language they use and what their sensitive points, emotional opinions to help you understand their point of view.


This will help you communicate with them better in the future whether it’s about work or personal interests, opinions on life, health, business, the future – everything. Remember, sharing is caring, showing empathy in the message you express will make them see and think that you are coming from a good place and want the best for them.


We are all entitled to our thoughts and opinions but working together, to listen and be open is crucial. We have roles and tasks to complete and that needs personal accountability, teamwork and communication within employees to make it happen and achieve organizational goals. 


Author: Alice Ramarsa


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