This is the Most Important Value that Drives Employee Engagement, Retentional and Productivity for Successful Companies.

Follow integrity for better employee engagement and input into your business operations.

From the experience of the last 20 years helping companies build and implement effective engagement, leadership and performance systems into their corporate culture. One of the biggest critical differentiators is the value of integrity.


I’m going to share a real use case situation where you can dramatically increase engagement, participation and effectiveness of mental health, stress, performance and engagement programs by following this simple 2-step process.

  1. ASK
  2. ACT

Pretty straightforward and simple.


Many companies we have helped launch wellness, the first step of NIA. Needs and Interests Assessment Survey is the first step together information, data, needs and interests of your teams.


The data and information give you the exact framework and details of the programs that the company needs, and the employees want.


So you are already ahead of the game by increasing the level of participation in future programs, leading to a positive shift, impact and long-term sustainability of performance in each and every area.

When you ask for the areas that are of interest to them, and areas they want to personally improve, they give you the information you need to improve existing programs and optimize future programs.

The next step is to ACT.


Unfortunately, some companies fail to capitalize on the opportunity. You ask for feedback, then take no action.


What do you think happens the next time you ask for feedback or contribution? Not much. You rarely get a second chance. Just like interviews and business, first impressions are key. You get one shot. So make sure you get it right. Therefore, integrity, taking action on the feedback you gain is critical.


In addition, the speed of execution has an even greater impact. You can build the framework of your program like we do with our corporate clients.


The key here is to take some form of action immediately, either by sharing some results, creating a small event, running a virtual work to share results, establish and implement a short, low cost and fun program to test engagement and participation.


Pilot programs are an effective yet powerful way to test the water without big promises.


Mental health, wellness, well-being and stress management is now no longer ‘optional’. They are all essential elements of self development, your people systems and develop a high performance, self lead culture.


Look forward to your feedback and #leadwell


Author: Daniel Remon


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