Influencing Culture Through Employee Engagement

From vision to reality

Many organizations have issues on lacking engagement and collaboration which embed in the culture. In order to change the culture from silo to collaboration (focus on individual KPIs to synchronizing in cross-functions), the company needs to find the common ground and simplify the way of doing. 

You do not have to be in the role of HR in order to empower and engage people. I was in charge in the legal department of 3M and can contribute to being in a women leadership committee and initiating inclusion champion in Thailand.

In 3M, we initiate fit & fun activities in the company e.g. zumba class, 15-minute stretching, Chinese costumes during Chinese New Year etc. It is also to communicate to employees that these activities are dedicated to their benefit, not for the company’s.

It is very important to build trust by not just one way of communication in the town hall. In order to build engaging culture, the leader doesn’t tell them what to do but need to be one of them in order to know what they feel and want and leading as an example.

Case Study: 3M Thailand

Author: Thanatchaporn J.


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