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When we talk about transformation, resistance to change is a common issue in every organization. The company needs to overcome this issue by communicating and showing how the change would help to improve their work and make their life more convenient and easier. It is a better way to link the transformation word to positive and fun or with meaningful activities within the organizations. 

Bombardier Inc. is a Canadian multinational manufacturer of business jets. It was also formerly a manufacturer of commercial jets, public transport vehicles, and high-speed rail train sets.The company has been operated in Thailand for over 20 years. 

At Bombardier, we build a transformation team by gathering volunteers from different departments in the company, constructed with environment, education and engagement committees. The team sits in the middle of organizations to communicate the global transformation goals to the country level. To be able to build engagement, it is very important to make employees see what is in it for them eg. The energy saving campaign contributes to the employee’s party. 


Transformation is CSR

One of our core values is to be a learning organization. As our services are technical, complex and involve a high safety standard, we realize that there are tons of knowledge to be shared. 200 employees meet and engage during ‘Lunch & Learn’ which gathers people together at lunch time to learn from experts. We invite outside experts to meet and talk about various related topics, and also share with live broadcasts to other APAC offices.

In order to retain the employee engagement, the company initiates celebrations on a quarterly basis. e.g. World Days, Women International Days  etc. We align with our global sustainability strategies by initiating ‘Together we move CSRs’ to build CSR strategies within the organization. To touch base on a daily basis is also vital so we organize various campaigns; Meatless Monday, Work out Wednesday and No Plastic Friday for employees to stay engaged and collaborate with each other at work.

Case Study: Bombardier Inc.

Author: Thanatchaporn J.


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