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What is transformation?

What is transformation to you? How do you define it? Is it about digitalization? If it is about technology then is AI ready for adoption for all areas in organization? Is it about trends? There are numerous ways to explain transformation.

Transformation is not only about technology but also people. Organizations have faced a lot of challenges depending on industry, complexity, size, mindset, characteristics etc. The key success factor is considering people on what their interest or priority is and try to see things from their perspective. 

The HR’s biggest challenge is that they are expected to have all the answers and solutions about the people in the organization. Apart from daily routine tasks and responsibility, HR is required to charge, engage and transform the entire organization. Sometimes we have to admit that we don’t know what we don’t know and try to find every best way to know what we don’t.


Transformation is about people

The real issue is not about transformation. It leads back to people, culture and engagement. Transformation is also about helping people to be happy, perform better, and get excited to work on Monday. The assessment of how excited they are to work on Monday came out that about 70% of employees are not looking forward to work on Monday. 

We need to ensure that the organizational value is easy to understand and to apply to the employee, team and organization. This could be the leading by example, showing the benefits and recognizing people in order to create a positive impact within the organization. Most importantly is to answer what is in it for them and how can we embed, transfer and simplify it.


How to start the transformation?

The biggest mistake of many organizations is what they think they need to do and assume what employees want without asking.Transformation can simply start from getting the information. The simplest method is the survey. We need to ensure that we don’t test them on what they understand but ask what they want and what is important to them. The survey design has to be simple, easy to understand and anonymous. It can even increase participation with incentives.Thus, the survey could be a benchmark to solve the existing problem e.g. retention, satisfaction, development etc.

Transformation is not new but the challenges that we face on a daily basis are. We get new information everyday and each individual has their own unique perspective which needs to be reframed and applied according to individual’s goals. 

Every initiative needs time to evolve. Participation would be high at the beginning and continue to drop later on. It is important that we don’t cut that initiative off early. On the other hand, we continue to support vision and value that lies underneath.

Most of the time, organizations take feedback and ignore it instead of improving for better. In order to make change, we need to build momentum, engagement and get buy-in. Inaction to taking the feedback leads to the loss of credibility and respect. To make people change is to make people see the real change after their feedback.


How can we shift human behaviour and performance? 

The cause of people’s inaction and not transform is that it is too complicated, no benefit or not relevant to them. Transformation is not always about cost and expenses. It is about the leader who is resourceful to think and implement at low cost or even no cost . 93% of employees suffer from ergonomic pain that affect their performance and productivity which results in stress and pain. In order to keep people’s movement, the leader could come up with super simple innovations e.g. stand-up meeting, drinking lots of water which makes them go to the toilet more often and not sitting for hours. 

Author: Thanatchaporn J.


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