Value you and your employee’s health and wellness before it is lost

Value you and your employee’s health and wellness before it is lost


If you do not value your employee’s health and well being, you are costing your company money and lost profits.

By focusing on the health of your employees, you can decrease costs (lower insurance premiums, lower health care costs, decreased absenteeism) and increase productivity (increase retention, increase presenteeism, increase morale, increase efficiency, increase energy, increase focus.

Reduced costs are easy to track. Detailed logs and records of premiums, costs and absenteeism can help you put a measurable monetary value to wellness programs.

But how do you measure the savings for other intangible costs, such as retention, presenteeism, morale, energy, efficiency and focus?

Stay tuned to our future article in which we show you how to measure the return on investment of your corporate wellness programs.

First steps

So how do you get started or expand your current programs? Here are some great ways to start or improve.


Detailed initial evaluations and 6 month follow up schedule:

Ergonomic Assessment from a certified and licensed specialist

Functional movement screenings based on current and desired activities

Determine past medical history, current problems, goals, etc.

Health screenings and body fat percentage checks periodically (at least quarterly)


Services for high risk individuals

Assessment of current and planned movement patterns

Develop and periodically review a plan of care

Functional movement screen customized to each individual

Theraputic massage (muscle/connective tissue release)

Joint mobilization

Personalized Mobility and Stability Program