Why outdoor team building is better – Part 2

In the first part of this article, we should you the benefits of conducting team building activities outdoors. Now let’s show you 5 great outdoor activities for your next team building event.


Out-of-office activities that motivate people to pool their talents

Team work encourages productivity, and building better teams strengthens your business. Periodic company events can loosen people up, build personal relationships and create common ground to solve problems and reach goals. Five popular outdoor activities for team building include the following:

Go Karting

Nearly everyone seems to especially enjoy go karting. Companies can combine business with pleasure by holding awards ceremonies with trophies, financial gifts to local charities or social mixers that include food and drinks. Benefits for companies include the following specific team building strengths:

  • Racing encourages communication about lap times, strategy, braking zones and the driving line.
  • Team competitions require that planners handicap races strategically by getting to know each driver’s relative strengths and weaknesses.
  • Experience kart racers can provide insights to less experienced team members.
  • Guessing on the outcomes of races often involve considering all the relevant factors in ways that are similar to assessing new products in business.

Paintball or Laser Tag

Competitive paintball works a lot like chess or warfare, which is why a kids’ sport has gained popularity with adults, groups and team building planners throughout the world. Your workers might not act like gamers, but they secretly have wanted to try this exciting sport. Give your employees a chance to try paintball, build alliances, show personal initiative and create a paintball dynasty. Paintball has progressed since the middle 1980s, and players can choose standard bolt-action rifles or advanced paint guns with gravity triggers and semiautomatic action. Paintball tournament results have moved into the world of legitimate sports reporting, and companies could easily arrange competitive annual tournaments with business competitors or client teams.

  • Paintball teams give workers ways to express repressed hostilities.
  • You can hold sole survivor contests or assign teams for these competitions.
  • Paintball captures everyone’s attention as surely as an opposing force attempts to capture its opponent’s flag.
  • Teams build a consensus on how to capture and control enemy territory.
  • Defending a team’s own flag stations guides paintball strategy.

As an alternative, laser tag offers all the benefits of paintball, without the risk of any pain and is usually played indoors.

Team Olympics

Team Olympics can include serious sports activities or nonsense events, but you should provide a healthy mix of contests so that less athletic workers can participate. Mini Olympics encourage both individual achievement and team effort in the same way that the real Olympic Games do. You will get the best results by following these guidelines:

  • Keep games short and enjoyable so that workers have fun instead of trying to test their stamina and endurance.
  • Choose games for all fitness levels.
  • Offer a grand prize or decathlon of easier games that require mental skill.
  • Take advantage of the weather to set the venue for outdoor games.
  • Plan an awards ceremony with a meal or party after the event to allow time for bonding and relaxation.

Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts take creative planning, leadership and superior organizational skills, and your event can take place at some of the world’s most exotic landscapes. Workers develop strong bonds during the searching process, and people discover new-found camaraderie with fellow workers after the competition is finished. Team building benefits include:

  • Participants get healthy outdoor exercise while learning to solve complex problems and decipher challenging codes.
  • Scavenger hunts bring everyone into the game to eliminate obstacles, solve puzzles and race against time.
  • Sedentary or handicapped people can provide logistical support.
  • You can strengthen communication among departments by generating constructive conflict for sharper project analyses.
  • Scavenger events are a great way to introduce area newcomers to local resources.
  • You can electrify meetings by providing a forum where managers and workers can compete on an equal basis.

The Amazing Race

Amazing race competitions involve strategy, skill, logistical planning and some degree of luck, which makes them a perfect microcosm of the business world. An amazing race allows you to construct real-world problems similar to those that occur in your business. Team building benefits include developing the following skills:

  • Each player must rely on his or her partner’s skills and knowledge to succeed.
  • People develop intimacy while dealing with roadblocks, detours and challenges along the way.
  • Each of the previous team building events could be used as challenges to earn clues to the next leg of the race.
  • You can theme the race on a specific topic that relates directly to your business such as speed, accuracy or attention to detail.

Not all team building events provide equal benefits

Making thoughtful choices of venues and events creates stronger employee engagement and motivates people to commit their best ideas and performances. Sometimes, team building events don’t need ulterior motives and obvious business benefits but just give workers the chance to socialize and enjoy some fun rewards for their hard work and loyalty – even some good old fashioned karaoke. If you want to boost your company’s performance, then strengthening teamwork and generating company enthusiasm by holding team building events can produce astonishing business benefits.


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