Why outdoor team building is better – Part 1

Teams bond better outside the office

Outdoor team building offers many benefits for organizations that make group efforts more productive, cut costs, generate innovative ideas and provide fun and fitness for sedentary workers in the office. Improving employee morale can help small-, medium-and large-sized companies meet the challenges of project management, customer service and outperforming industry competitors. Outdoor team building exercises increase mental acuity, encourage reliance on teamwork and help workers stay healthy.

The outdoor environment brings multiple benefits

Both academic studies and practical experience have determined that employees work harder when they engage each other in social settings. Workers can establish rapport, learn to work cooperatively to achieve goals and have fun while interacting with people from the office. Distinct benefits for your business include the following rewards:

  • Cutting costs by making workers more energetic
    Happy workers miss work less often, keep their jobs longer and become more productive when they work. Promoting these qualities in your staff can save training costs, reduce the need for paying overtime or hiring temporary workers, and generate lower production costs.
  • Improving problem-solving skills
    Teams learn to work together to meet goals and translate their actions into effective strategies. Corporations move at frenetic speeds to stay competitive, but working with friends offers better prospects for success in achieving company goals. Workers learn how their peers think, and they can use this information to solve problems at work.
  • Reducing health care costs
    Working in an office offers few opportunities for physical exercise, but periodic outdoor company events and team sports can keep workers in better health, which reduces health care costs and absences due to illnesses.
  • Promoting team bonding
    In the workplace, people often get paired with strangers to prepare projects and assignments that are critical to your company’s success, but these workers may know little about their co-workers or have trouble working well with unknown people. Busy offices seldom allow time for personal interaction, but outdoor events allow people to meet and bond in social situations. Sporting teams promote company bonding by encouraging workers to act as unified teams.
  • Lowering stress levels
    Stress can have a cumulative effect on worker efficiency, but during exercise and sports sessions, people’s pituitary glands release endorphins and raise cortisol levels. These physical responses help to relieve stress and make people immune to common stressors that weaken work performances.
  • Generating interest in local and online communities
    Companies can use these events to promote local charities. Winning teams can earn financial incentives for their favorite causes, which generates tremendous good will in the community.

Stay tuned for part 2 of this series to see 5 great outdoor activities.


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