We all know what it’s like to feel stressed, and we all deal with it differently, but how much stress is too much? Your body will let you know when you’re overstressed, with muscle tension, sweaty palms, or difficulty sleeping.

You might feel worried, fearful, fatigued, irritable, or have a hard time concentrating. These can be the signs of stress, but the consequences can be much larger, both on your life and those around you.

The solution is to keep your stress under control with stress management skills. 

For example, Sean went through a period of high stress. He was laid off from his job and running out of savings. The financial strain was keeping him up at night. He was irritable and tense, and even had digestive problems. Then, Sean got help finding ways to manage his stress, such as thinking differently about his problems and making time for hobbies and activities like walking at the park for 15 minutes, walking the dog, meditating, etc.

The physical activity can help with relaxation and be mindful of his stress, and so he learned some new problem-solving skills. He focused on potential solutions, and not just the problems, even progress, like visualizing himself starting a new job.

Getting exercise and thinking positively helped Sean get back into the job market. Finding ways to physically relax can be extremely helpful.

Relationship problems– we’ve all had them. Time constraints led the couple to stop cooking meals, and their new fast-food diet took its toll on their wallets and their waists. They learned that making a plan– and sticking to it– could ease their stress.

They used problem-solving skills to determine who would pick up the kids and make dinner on which days, and in the process they made time to go on walks together. They learned no matter how challenging life becomes, help is available there. This is a direct link to time management. If you plan and be organized, it can greatly helps release stress.

Stress is manageable with good skills of being resourceful, having the positive mindset, manage your time and plan well.


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